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Glossary & Terminology



Same as Peak


A structural support, usually a beam or wall that is designed by the building designer to carry the truss reaction loads to the foundation.

Birdsmouth Cut

A long notch at the ends of a member to allow for an overhang with an “over the wall height” less than the width of the member.


Wood or metal members that are placed between trusses and joists in an angled position intended to spread the loads.


Same as Stub Truss

Bottom Chord

An inclined or horizontal member that establishes the bottom member of a truss. An example of an inclined bottom chord member is the bottom chord of a scissor truss or a truss positioned between supports at different elevations.

Bottom Chord Bearing

Term usually used to describe the bearing condition of a parallel chord truss that bears on its bottom chord.

Bottom Plate

The bottom framing member of a stud wall.


 Same as Blocking

Butt Cut

Slight vertical cut at outside edge of truss bottom chord to ensure uniform nominal span and tight joints – usually ¼ inch.

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